What employment are available with the National Crime Agency just a short drive from Liverpool, and how much do they pay?


What employment are available with the National Crime Agency just a short drive from Liverpool, and how much do they pay?

Within a short drive of Liverpool, the National Crime Agency is advertising for a range of fascinating and challenging professions.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) is the UK’s principal agency in the fight against a variety of major crimes. Its mission is to lead the battle against serious and organized crime in the United Kingdom.

The Agency is searching for candidates to join their team in Warrington, with more than 20 positions available only 45 minutes from Liverpool.

So that ‘nobody is alone,’ a Liverpool café will open on Christmas Day.

Working in civil service posts within the NCA has a number of advantages, including:• Civil Service pension scheme• 26 days annual leave, which increases to 31 days after 5 years of continuous service

• Opportunities for training and growth

• The Cycle2Work program

The following are some of the top positions at the NCA’s Warrington office:

The position of project manager is one of the occupations accessible about 20 miles away. “As a Project Manager, you will manage specific projects on a day-to-day basis,” according to the job description.

“I’m in charge of driving and managing the project’s delivery to ensure that the goals are clearly stated and met within the agreed-upon time, cost, and quality restrictions. You’ll play a significant role in project governance, collaborating with stakeholders to ensure that the agreed-upon project outputs are achieved, allowing for the realization of benefits.” More information can be found HERE.

Employees who join the communications team will use their “skills as a professional communicator to support the delivery of the NCA’s communications strategy – building public and partner confidence, enhancing the intelligence picture, and disrupting criminals operating at the high end of high risk, engaging officers with our mission, driving improvements to our culture, and supporting them through organizational change.”

More information can be found HERE.

This might be an exciting career for those with a financial experience, with a starting pay of over £45k per year!

“You will play a major role in supporting individual business areas in financial governance and management, ensuring that budgets are well designed, maintained, and monitored, and assisting senior managers in the development of business cases and plans to deliver,” according to the job description.”

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