Weathering the perfect storm.


Critical infrastructures such as water and power supply, transportation systems, energy and health care are the lifeblood of the global economy. If a cyber attack occurs, the impact could be far more damaging than an attack on a retailer or social media company. But how secure is a critical infrastructure and can it recover quickly from a cyberattack? Vantage sought answers in a survey of security managers and others around the world and in in-depth interviews with global experts.

We found that companies dealing with critical infrastructure need to take a comprehensive approach to cyber security, but often there are vulnerabilities in the armor. A significant source of potential insecurity is cyber-physical systems that control both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) while interacting with the physical world, which of course includes people and physical assets such as power turbines and traffic lights.

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If critical infrastructure organizations are to prevent a catastrophic event, they must build a comprehensive understanding of the risks of cyber-physical systems and implement a cyber-security strategy that integrates the management of all relevant cyber/digital and physical layers of protection.

This new report examines cyber risks and explores how organizations with critical infrastructure can take action to mitigate them by managing the IT, OT and physical domains. “Weathering the perfect storm” is essential reading, not just for cyber security professionals around the world, but for all critical infrastructure managers.
and beyond.

Click here to download the full Vantage report.


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