We went to these gas stations today, but they were all out of gas.


We went to these gas stations today, but they were all out of gas.

Across Merseyside, petrol stations are either overcrowded or out of fuel due to fears of a petrol supply deficit.

Following similar scenes on Friday, several petrol stations across the region were forced to close today, Saturday, September 25, after running out of fuel.

The Shell petrol station on Aigburth Road in Aigburth has a sign that reads ‘No Fuel Sorry,’ forcing motorists to fill up and look elsewhere.

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Today’s photos from The Washington Newsday show yellow ‘Sorry out of use’ signage on both gasoline and diesel pumps.

And most of the gas outlets visited by The Washington Newsday today are out of fuel.

Tesco’s on Mather Avenue in Allerton had petrol but no diesel, according to reports.

Cones and barricades blocked cars from approaching the Sainsbury’s petrol station on Scotland Road, with a sign reading “Petrol station closed.”

Several reporters from The Washington Newsday went to different petrol stations across Merseyside to see if they were open and had fuel.

The Shell garage on Queens Drive near the Rocket and the Tesco petrol station on Altcar Road in Formby were both reported to be closed.

The BP garage on Islington Road also ran out of gas, forcing cars to seek alternative fuel sources.

Sainsbury’s on King’s Road in Bebington and Texaco on Old Chester Road in Bebington, both on the Wirral, were both out of petrol.

Motorists were being turned away from the Asda petrol station on Woodchurch Road near Arrowe Park, which had to close owing to a lack of fuel.

The identical thing happened at Sainsbury’s in Prenton’s fuel station.

An NHS worker told The Washington Newsday today that she was in tears at a gas station after a half-hour line for gas made her late for work.

Laura, who prefers to be addressed by her first name, said she was driving to work in Wirral this morning when she discovered she couldn’t obtain gas at any of the three stations in the area.

Aigburth Road in, Shell. “The summary has come to an end.”


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