We lost the baby we had called our teddy bear cub.


They had even ‘christened’ him Teddy: “Because he looked like a teddy bear in his 10-week scan”.

After suffering five miscarriages, Linzi Matthews and Harrison Wood hoped that their last pregnancy would bring them their rainbow baby, something bright and beautiful that would follow their heartbreaking storm.

Now Linzi Matthews and Harrison Wood are raising money for the Women’s Bereavement Team, which will help them through

“It was devastating. We were both so upset.”

But after 16 weeks, the clouds came back: “And we lost our little man,” says Linzi.

“Losing another child was almost more than we could bear, it was so hard to deal with it again.

But while they faced their heartache as a couple, they did so with the support of the grief team at the Honeysuckle Women’s Hospital.

“And they were brilliant,” Linzi adds. “They brought Teddy to us and helped us through one of the most difficult times of our lives.

“But the Honeysuckle team brought Teddy to us and created a memory box, and we are so grateful to them for what they did and for the precious time they gave us with our little boy. It has helped us so much.”

Now the couple, both in the entertainment business, organized a celebrity fundraiser, Teddy’s Day, on July 31 to raise money for the team.

“We are so grateful to them that we want to thank them by raising money to support their vital work.

“They bring families together, create positive memories and provide parents and families with much needed support at the worst possible moment.

The actor Linzi, 41, and the musician Harrison, 25, from Crosby, already have a little boy, Freddie, who is three and a half years old.

“I had no problems with Freddie at all,” she says, “a few bleedings, but nothing unusual, and I gave birth to him.

“Freddie was 17 months old when I got pregnant again, and it was great to have a little brother or sister for him…

“But three days before the 12th week I had a bleeding, and when the gynecological clinic did a scan, they couldn’t find a heartbeat. Our baby had already died.”

“I went into labor on my due date which, as all our friends said, was typical for me because I am so organized….


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