[Watch] A man poses for a photo near a ‘Concrete Crocodile,’ but ends up getting mauled.


[Watch] A man poses for a photo near a ‘Concrete Crocodile,’ but ends up getting mauled.

A crocodile attacked a 68-year-old man after he climbed into a reptile enclosure to take a picture. The man mistook the reptile for a concrete statue and accidently touched it.

On Nov. 10, Nehemias Chipada, a Filipino from Cagayan de Oro, was at Amaya View theme park when the event occurred. According to the Inquirer, he was there to celebrate his birthday.

Chipada and his family members are seen snapping pictures near the enclosure in a video that has gone viral on social media. Chipada is seen going down to get closer to the “clone” of the beast a few seconds later. He wades into the tiny pond and taps the “statue’s” head, which was actually an immobile beast.

Chipada lurches upon the man as soon as he touches it, his fangs clamping down on his left arm. Chipada is heard yelling for aid before the animal lets go of his arm.

The victim was treated by the park’s medical staff right away before being taken to the hospital. He had fractured bones in his left arm and thigh, as well as cuts. According to reports, the animal gripped on with such power that a tooth was left behind.

Chipada’s medical bills were confirmed to be covered by the park. The individual has had many surgeries since the tragedy.

Amaya View management announced in a statement that it will provide full financial support to Chipada till he fully recovers.

“As a family-oriented resort, Amaya View places a premium on safeguarding our guests’ safety, and we will remain committed to our vision and objective of offering safe, exciting, and educational activities and adventures for all,” the statement continued.

Nehemias Chipada’s daughter, Mercy Joy Chipada, said her father was recovering from surgery on his left arm at the Northern Mindanao Medical Center.

A similar occurrence occurred recently in India, when a 31-year-old guy leapt into a lion enclosure at a zoo, much to the delight of park visitors. The man was seen seated on a boulder near the enclosure’s edge in footage from the event. At the base of the boulder, an African Lion was wandering. Some others yelled at the man, warning him to be cautious. The man was unharmed.


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