[Watch] A Man Attempts To Jump Into A Lion Enclosure While ‘Looking For Diamonds.’


[Watch] A Man Attempts To Jump Into A Lion Enclosure While ‘Looking For Diamonds.’

This individual was on a perilous treasure hunt! He attempted to jump into a lion enclosure in the hopes of finding jewels.

G Sai Kumar, 31, tried to climb into the lion enclosure at Nehru Zoo Park in Hyderabad, southern India, on Tuesday, much to the delight of parkgoers. The incident was captured on video and has since gone popular on social media.

Kumar could be seen seated on a boulder at the enclosure’s edge in the video. At the base of the boulder, an African Lion was wandering. Some others yelled at the man, warning him to be cautious.

After some visitors warned park officials about a man strolling on the stones, park officers arrived. They assisted Kumar in descending the ledge and turned him over to the cops.

Walking on the stones is illegal, according to a park officer.

“Lions are released in the Nehru Zoological Park’s exhibition enclosure, which is a strictly banned location. The zoo employees rescued and apprehended the individual, who was then handed over to the Bahadurpura Police Station “According to India Today, the officer stated in a statement.

“He said he was seeking for diamonds in the lion’s enclosure, which he thought were concealed there. He appears to have a mental illness. We will inform his parents and do a mental examination as well “D. Durga Prasad, a police official, told the Indian Express.

Kumar was not attempting suicide, according to police. Even though his parents live in a nearby village, the man reportedly told officers that he has not gone home in a long time.

“He claims to have been wandering for the past 17 years. We had no idea how he got inside. We’re looking into his statements “Prasad informed the news organization. “He would have died if the staff hadn’t intervened.” Kumar has not been charged in any way.


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