Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe blames “everyone” in Congress for the stalled infrastructure bill.


Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe blames “everyone” in Congress for the stalled infrastructure bill.

On Tuesday, Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate chastised Washington officials on both sides of the aisle, including the president, urging them to “get their act together” and encouraging Senate Democrats to end the filibuster if necessary to advance infrastructure and voting rights.

Terry McAuliffe made his harsh accusations in an interview with the Associated Press just weeks before Virginia’s election. In a campaign that will serve as an early litmus test for Democrats’ grasp on the nation’s votes during President Joe Biden’s first year in office, he’ll be up against Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin.

McAuliffe remarked, “They all have to get their act together and vote.”

“I placed everybody there,” McAuliffe remarked when asked if he was addressing Biden particularly.

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According to polls, the election is close, which adds to McAuliffe’s sense of urgency to campaign on a long list of his party’s achievements. The McAuliffe team confirmed on Tuesday that Biden and former President Barack Obama will hold separate events in Virginia later this month to motivate voters.

Despite the backing from the public, McAuliffe has been frustrated by his party’s inability to follow through on key campaign pledges since seizing control of the White House and both chambers of Congress in January. The 64-year-old criticized the Democrats’ inability to defend voting rights in the face of a surge of Republican-backed legislation in Tuesday’s interview, but he held his most venomous remarks for the stalled federal infrastructure bill.

McAuliffe’s dissatisfaction reflects a larger concern for Democrats across the country as the country prepares for the first midterm election season under Biden’s presidency. The president’s approval numbers are slipping, and there are hints that Democrats in Virginia and elsewhere aren’t motivated to vote.

A poor showing for Democrats in Virginia, where former President Donald Trump was defeated by ten points last autumn, would almost certainly portend a far more painful election next year, when control of Congress and dozens of governorships are on the line.

However, with Washington’s legislative agenda delayed, Democratic voters in Virginia appear uninterested in voting in the off-year election—especially now that Trump is no longer in office or on the ballot. Trump has endorsed Youngkin, but he has remained relatively quiet in the Virginia campaign thus far.

“I tell Democrats, Donald Trump is the real deal.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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