Viewers quickly recognized the BBC Blankety Blank participant.


Viewers quickly recognized the BBC Blankety Blank participant.

After recognizing a competitor on Blankety Blank, viewers couldn’t believe their eyes.

Bradley Walsh returned to host Blankety Blank, a game show in which a panel of six celebrities attempt to fill in the missing blanks in a number of rounds in order to help competitors win prizes, including the legendary Blankety Blank check book and pen.

Rachel Riley, Baga Chipz, Liza Tarbuck, Rhod Gilbert, Ore Oduba, and Scarlett Moffatt all appeared on the show last night to assist participants in filling in the blanks.

Mark Labbett’s joy is shattered by a Scouse Chase candidate, but fans were diverted when contestant Charmane was announced.

When she said she was a bus driver, fans immediately recognized her, according to BirminghamLive.

Rebecca expressed herself as follows: “When the contestants are announced on #BlanketyBlank, I glance at the girl and think she was on last week or something because I recognize her. She then revealed herself to be a bus driver, and I immediately recognized her as the TikTok bus driver.” Kim Carberry expressed herself as follows: “Thankfully, my youngest is here to inform me that the girl with the pink hair on #BlanketyBlank on TikTok is her. I knew I’d seen her before, but I couldn’t place her.” Vicki said, ” “Charmaine has a TikTok account. #blanketyblank She’s a bus driver.” “She’s off TikTok #blanketyblank,” Bobby stated. “Pretty sure Charmane from #blanketyblank is on TikTok….she looks familiar,” T tweeted. “Not the bus driver from #blanketyblank,” Becca clarified. “Recognised Charmane right away from TikTok #BlanketyBlank,” Amy Joanne commented.


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