Viewers blast Loose Women’s’really sad’ toy.


Viewers blast Loose Women’s’really sad’ toy.

Viewers of Loose Women were taken aback by a new children’s toy that was discussed on Tuesday’s show.

The toy was a social media influencer kit, which was introduced by panelist Christine Lampard, who made her first appearance on the show since giving birth to her infant son Freddie six months ago.

The toy, which includes a camera and a ring light, as well as a variety of additional attachments, was inspired by the success and popularity of social media and YouTube, as well as people who have achieved celebrity as influencers.

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The panel, which included familiar personalities like Coleen Nolan and Janet Street-Porter, as well as actress Sunetra Sarker, discussed the toy’s merits.

“Perhaps I’m simply old fashioned,” Coleen remarked. My tiny plastic post office made me happy, but this is the world we live in, and I need to get a grip because these are the toys of the future.”

Fans of the show chimed in with their thoughts, with one viewer agreeing with Coleen.

“I wouldn’t buy it for my child, but I believe it’s keeping up with the times isn’t it now,” the Loose Women fan stated on Twitter. “I completely agree.”

Others, however, thought it was inappropriate because the item was marketed to youngsters under the age of three.

“I genuinely think it’s sad,” one person stated.

“Nope,” replied another viewer. That’s too young for a three-year-old.”

“I think a social media kit for a three-year-old is pretty sad,” a third fan stated.

“I’d be wondering where on earth I’d gone wrong if I had a three-year-old who knew what any of that stuff was.”


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