[Video] An 82-year-old woman is rescued after dangling upside down from a 19th-floor balcony.


[Video] An 82-year-old woman is rescued after dangling upside down from a 19th-floor balcony.

Firefighters in China rescued an elderly woman who was hung upside down from a clothes hanger after falling over a 19th storey balcony.

The emotional moment was captured on film, and the resulting video has gone viral on social media.

The 82-year-old woman, who has not been recognized, was hanging clothes on her apartment’s 19th-floor balcony in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, when she slipped over the edge. According to Times Now News, the woman’s legs became trapped on a clothes rack on the 18th level, while her torso, arms, and head dangled over the 17th floor, preventing her from falling to her death.

Neighbors quickly alerted firefighters, who arrived on the scene in time to save the victim. On the 18th floor, one team of firefighters held the woman’s legs while the other looped a rope around her chest from the 17th floor. They were eventually able to pull her to safety. The woman was not seriously hurt, but she was exhausted.

South China Morning Post uploaded a video of the dramatic rescue, which has now gone viral on social media, with people congratulating the firefighters for saving her life in the nick of time.

One individual wrote, “Wonderful job by the Firefighters.”

Another individual said, “Hats off to the saviours.”

“Firefighters did a fantastic job,” another person said.

Over 9,000 people have seen the video.

A delivery worker in Vietnam saved a little girl who had fallen from the 12th floor earlier this year. The incredible moment was captured on film and quickly went viral on social media. The 2-year-old child was seen climbing out of the balcony in the video. She was then observed dangling from the balcony railing, dangling from the building. The youngster began to lose her hold a few moments later. When she lost her grip and fell, the delivery personnel luckily caught her in his arms. The delivery man was praised as a real-life superhero when the video went viral.


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