Vera Anderson’s murder could be solved with the help of a brown hatchback.


Vera Anderson’s murder could be solved with the help of a brown hatchback.

A brown hatchback automobile could be the key to solving Veronica Anderson’s murder.

Veronica, also known as Vera, was discovered dead in her blue X-reg Ford Cortina on Tannery Lane in Penketh, Warrington, with her throat cut.

Her killer has never been caught thirty years after her death on Saturday, August 24, 1991.

Cheshire Police has issued a new plea for information in an effort to solve a decades-old murder case and bring justice to her bereaved family.

Gary Massey, a retired detective sergeant who has returned to the case as a civilian investigator, is desperate to find those responsible.

A brown hatchback automobile is one of the primary lines of inquiry that has held his interest while studying the case.

Police are still looking for the driver of the car that was observed on the service road where Vera’s body was subsequently discovered.

“At around 11.15pm on the night of Vera Anderson’s murder, a witness was passing along Tannery Lane when a car emerged from the service road; the service road where Vera Anderson’s corpse was eventually found,” DS Gary Massey told BBC Crimewatch Live.

“It’s a brown hatchback-type vehicle,” says the narrator.

A phone call received by the mother of two hours before her body was discovered is another important line of inquiry.

On Saturday, August 24, around 10.10 p.m., the 42-year-old was summoned to her Widnes residence.

She then left her son with a neighbor because she “had an appointment,” only to be discovered five hours later dead in her blue Ford Cortina on Tannery Lane, her neck cut.

The unknown caller has never been identified by police.

A witness reported a pair in the Crown and Cushion bar on Warrington Road, Penketh, at around 10.30pm on the night of the killing, which was one of the important parts of the subsequent inquiry.

The woman’s description was strikingly similar to Veronica’s.

Detectives have also been unable to link a bloodstained glove and a length of cord identical to a window sash cord found at the crime site to anyone.

Lorraine, Vera’s daughter, who was 19 at the time of her mother’s murder, claimed she feels guilty. “The summary has come to an end.”


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