VAR almost cost Liverpool again, but a simple change could help end the weekly farce.


Any team would miss the serenity of Virgil van Dijk in the background, and Chris Wilder’s team used this as motivation to try to get at us.

Liverpool fully deserved the win against Sheffield United in the end, even though we were not as controlled as we would have liked in the first half.

In the first part of John Aldridge’s weekly column, the Liverpool legend looks back on the victory over Sheffield United and another VAR controversy

What was not so good to see was another VAR controversy.

For them fair play was the order of the day, they came to Anfield and not only got men behind the ball, but also in Liverpool, which was good to see.

I don’t think it was even a foul. Mike Dean is not a bad referee, but I don’t know how he could think it was a bad tackle when he was only six yards away and the challenge won the ball.

It was never a penalty kick. I always thought a foul had to be inside the penalty area to be taken as a penalty and if it was on the line it should only be a free kick.

In the past, you often saw free kicks on the line and in the replays it was clearly visible that Fabinho’s tackle was at worst on the line and maybe a fraction outside.

It was a double strike for Liverpool, and the Premier League’s explanation that VAR only checked whether it was inside or outside the penalty area and not whether it was actually a foul was absurd.

But surely VAR should be able to recognize and inform him after the check?

They check every single goal for possible violations, but when an incident is brought to their attention, they only check this one specific thing? That is ridiculous.

The system seems to be constantly contradicting itself, and Liverpool is now getting in the way twice in one week. That cost us two points in Goodison and could have happened on Saturday.

VAR should help the referees as a group of officials and not create additional controversy. Mistakes will happen through human error, we all understand that, but they have given the chance to correct them and they keep getting it wrong. How hard can that be?

Why bother having these Pitchside monitors if they are not used?

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We were told at the beginning of the season that the referees would be encouraged to look at it themselves, but that doesn’t seem to be happening and I can’t for the life of me understand why.

Right now it seems like they’re making the decisions, but it’s the referees who take the hit and look stupid.

I really think it’s time that former players and maybe former referees are included in the VAR team, because under the current system there is no accountability and it’s becoming a weekly farce.

It is the referee’s decision at the end of the day so that he can reverse his own decision if necessary, and it should be up to him and not to those hiding behind screens in Stockley Park.


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