USA: Police kill blacks – Riots in Philadelphia.


US police officers shot and killed a 27-year-old black man in Philadelphia. Two officers had fired at the man several times. After the incident, riots broke out in the night of Tuesday and several police officers were injured.

Police officers in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, shot and killed a 27-year-old black man. The man was armed with a knife and did not drop it despite repeated requests, a police spokesman said. The suspect moved toward the police, whereupon two officers fired at him several times, the spokesman told a local television station. After the incident on Monday afternoon, riots broke out in the night from Monday to Tuesday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. Several police officers were injured in the riots, and there were also arrests.

Mayor Jim Kenney, referring to the incident, which was filmed by passers-by with smartphones, said: “I have seen the video of this tragic incident. It raises difficult questions that need to be answered. Chief of Police Danielle Outlaw promised a thorough investigation of the case to clarify “the many unanswered questions”. The police had come to the site in western Philadelphia because of a report of a domestic violence incident that involved the later victim.

In the USA, there had been nationwide protests against racism and police violence since late May. The protests had been triggered by the brutal killing of the unarmed African American George Floyd during a police operation in the city of Minneapolis.



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