Urgent review into ‘nightmare’ Reminisce Festival.


Urgent review into ‘nightmare’ Reminisce Festival.

An urgent review will be held into a ‘nightmare’ festival which was slammed by visitors over reports of huge queues and safety fears.

Reminisce partygoers described their experience as a “nightmare,” claiming they were met with long lines and unsafe conditions.

Dozens of disappointed ticket holders contacted the The Washington Newsday to raise concerns, while the event’s Facebook page was flooded with criticism.

At the ‘nightmare’ Reminisce Festival, a fight breaks out between security guards.

A spokesperson for the festival said those behind the event were “disappointed” with some of the problems but still proud of the show, while organiser Lee Butler added: “We really tried our best. We didn’t get everything right, but trust me when I say that we will learn from our mistakes and correct them.”

Following the number of concerns raised from residents and festival goers after Reminisce festival on Saturday, September 11, St Helens Council said it will hold an urgent review meeting to discuss the issues raised.

The festival, which saw over 20,000 people head to Sherdley Park over the weekend, will be reviewed in line with the council’s “high standards” expected of event organisers.

The council said it will be “reviewing what has happened this year compared to previous years” because reminisce has previously taken place in the same location.

A statement shared on the St Helens Borough Council said the local authority was made aware of particular issues, including litter at the site, adding that they have since sent a team out to take action and clean the park.

“We wanted to let you know that, in response to the numerous resident concerns raised about the Reminisce Festival, we will be holding an urgent review meeting with partners to review the issues raised,” the full statement read.

“We have detailed guidelines that outline our high standards, which we expect event organizers to meet while also taking health and safety into account. This is not the first time this event has taken place in this location so we will be reviewing what has happened this year compared to previous years.

“We know in particular issues have been raised around litter at the site. As.”Summary ends.”


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