Urgent letter to all parents of the Liverpool school, as the infection rate with corona viruses exceeds 500 per 100,000.


The letter, written by Matt Ashton, Liverpool’s Director of Public Health, and Steve Reddy, the City Council’s Director of Child Welfare, contains a series of warnings about the current situation in the city.

An urgent letter was sent to all parents and carers of students in Liverpool after the city’s rapidly rising coronavirus infection rate reached 500 cases per 100,000.

The letter reminds parents that they must book a test if their child shows any symptoms.

Parents are reminded in the letter that they must book a test if their child shows any coronavirus symptoms, including high temperature, a new, persistent cough, or loss or alteration in the sense of smell or taste.

“In the last 7 days there have been 2570 cases of Covid-19 in Liverpool, 951 more than the week before. This corresponds to a rate of 516 cases per 100,000 inhabitants”.

It says: “You may know that Covid-19 rates in Liverpool continue to rise and it is important that we work together to help reduce these rates.

Schools in Liverpool have been shaken by the virus, thousands of children and hundreds of parents are currently isolated.

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“The result of this risk assessment will vary from case to case depending on how long the confirmed case has been in school, the age of the child and the logistics of the school site.

The letter adds: “If there is a confirmed case, the schools will work with the Department of Education, the UK Department of Health and the local authority to conduct a risk assessment and determine who has close contact with the confirmed case.

“If your child is asked to isolate himself or herself, it is important that he or she fully complies with the school’s instructions.

The letter also reiterates that in secondary schools, staff, visitors and pupils/students should wear face protection when moving around corridors and common areas where it is difficult to maintain social distance.

In a warning to parents, the letter adds: “Could parents be reminded that when students are sent home in self-isolation, they should not be with others outside the home at any time until the period of isolation is over?

He adds: “Could we take this opportunity to remind parents and staff that face protection must be worn when dropping off and picking up children from school, this includes access to the school.

He adds: “We are grateful to all teachers, school staff and unions who have worked with us to get our young people back to school as safely as possible.

The letter to parents asks for their “continued cooperation to minimize the risk of the virus being introduced into the school” at a time when infection rates in the city are so high.

“Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and support during this extremely difficult time for everyone – we appreciate it very much, as well as your support in ensuring the children’s return to school”.


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