Update on Alex Murdaugh: A South Carolina lawyer has been accused of stealing a housekeeper’s insurance settlement.


Update on Alex Murdaugh: A South Carolina lawyer has been accused of stealing a housekeeper’s insurance settlement.

Alex Murdaugh, a well-known South Carolina lawyer, was arrested in Orlando on Thursday and charged of taking millions in insurance settlements from the sons of his deceased maid.

Murdaugh, 53, was detained after being released from a drug treatment center. He was charged with two felony counts of obtaining property by false pretenses, each of which carries a maximum jail sentence of ten years.

#BREAKING: After being released from a drug rehabilitation facility in Orlando, SLED and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested Alex Murdaugh on two felony counts of Obtaining Property by False Pretenses. https://t.co/gbRsj5Hx84 pic.twitter.com/aYioFTfkKF https://t.co/gbRsj5Hx84 Murdaugh, whose wife and 22-year-old son were killed on the grounds of their 1,770-acre hunting lodge, was admitted to a drug treatment center after allegedly paying a man to shoot him in the head so his eldest son could collect a life insurance payout.

Murdaugh was detained in connection with the plot on September 16. Insurance fraud, conspiracy to conduct insurance fraud, and submitting a fake police report were all charges against him.

Murdaugh has been charged with misappropriating settlement payments linked to the death of Gloria Satterfield, the family’s housekeeper, in 2018.

Satterfield died in a “trip and fall” accident in the Murdaugh family home, according to police.

Despite the fact that Satterfield died three years ago, her two sons are said to have received none of the $4.3 million in settlements purportedly arranged by Murdaugh.

“Today is simply another step in a lengthy process to bring justice to the numerous victims in these investigations,” said Mark Keel, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division’s chief.

“(Agents) will keep working relentlessly on behalf of people who have been harmed by Alex Murdaugh and others.) We are dedicated to pursue the facts wherever they lead, as I previously stated, and we will not stop until justice is delivered.” Satterfield’s death is being investigated again in the wake of Murdaugh’s wife and son’s deaths.

Following Murdaugh’s recent arrest, his attorneys, Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin, stated that their client will cooperate with the inquiry in any way possible.

“Alex plans to fully cooperate with this inquiry, just as he did with the investigation into the murders of his wife and kid,” the legal team stated. “He regrets that his activities have diverted attention away from the investigation into their killings.” On Friday, Murdaugh is scheduled to appear in court for a bond hearing. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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