Up or down? Price forecast for Chainlink (LINK) for November.


The technical picture suggests that the price could rise even further in the coming days
If the price jumps above 14 dollars, the next target could be 15 or even 16 dollars.
There is still no clear winner, but Biden’s camp hopes to cross the 270 threshold very soon

Most of the major crypto-currencies have advanced in the course of the further course of the US presidential elections, whose winner has not yet been officially announced. Joe Biden has a good chance of becoming the 46th president, and the Bidens camp hopes that they will cross the 270 threshold very soon.

Basic analysis: The future looks rosy, but the project is still fraught with a certain degree of uncertainty.

The price of Chainlink (LINK) has risen from $9.8 to over $13.5 in less than three days, and the current price is around $13. The main trend for this crypto currency remains bullish, and Chainlink is approaching the $15 mark as it continues to rise.

It is also important to note that the price of Chainlink is correlated with the price of Bitcoin and investors in this crypto currency should also have Bitcoin on their “watch list”. Bitcoin has risen above $15000 and some analysts believe that BTC could trade even higher in the coming days.

This is positive news for the crypto-currency market, and this month could be very important for the future price of this crypto-currency.

ChainLink is a decentralized oracle network that supplies intelligent contracts on the block chain with data from the real world. ChainLink is one of the DeFi tokens that is expected to soar in the same way that Etherem will in 2017.

According to the latest news, ChainLink will be integrated into Agoric, a distributed platform for developing intelligent contracts using JavaScript, which may herald a new era for DeFi developers. Investors in Chainlink (LINK) should keep in mind that this is still a very risky crypto currency, but now might be a good time to trade Chainlink (LINK).

As many of the companies and developers are looking for such a decentralized oracle network, the future looks bright, but there is still some uncertainty about the project. There are some obvious risks when it comes to buying LINK at the moment, but if the price jumps above $15 this November, it will be a confirmation of the upward trend.

Technical analysis: Bulls focus on breaking the $15 resistance level
Data source: tradingview.com

According to the rules of technical analysis, the current trend of this crypto currency remains bullish. The current resistance levels are $14 and $15, $12 and $10 represent the current support levels.

If the price jumps above $14 it would be a signal to buy Chainlink (LINK) and we have the open path to $15. A rise above $15 supports the continuation of the uptrend and the next price target could be $16 or even $18.

If the price on the other side falls below $10, this would be a strong “sell” signal and we have the open path to $9.


Elections in the U.S. are being closely watched, with Biden taking the lead in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona according to the latest news, but the U.S. presidential election continued to progress, with the winner not yet officially announced. Chainlink (LINK) has found strong support above $10, and the technical picture suggests the price could rise above $15 this November. Transaction volumes in this crypto-currency are expected to increase, but there is still a degree of uncertainty surrounding the project.


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