Until the toyshop employees intervene, the little boy is in tears.


Until the toyshop employees intervene, the little boy is in tears.

A young youngster was in tears until a helpful toyshop employee intervened.

The young boy’s mother stated she and her son were shopping at The Entertainer in Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port, when her son became distressed because he was ‘overwhelmed.’

However, according to the mother, a staff member observed and walked over to calm the small child down.

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A member of the staff taught the young child where the ‘post box’ was so that he could write to Santa Claus.

She also purchased the youngster a toy catalog so he could’make his own wish list’ for Christmas.

The mother said her son was’very thrilled’ when he left the store and wanted to thank the employee for her ‘friendliness.’

The mother wrote on a local Facebook page: “Thank you so much to the nice woman who works at The Entertainer.

“My small kid becomes overwhelmed from time to time. The lady saw this and walked over to calm him down, show him their post box so he could write to Santa, and get him a toy catalog so he could make his Christmas list.

“Thank you for your generosity, my small son left the shop extremely satisfied with his list.”

The Facebook post earned over 300 likes, with many people praising the toyshop employee for her thoughtful act.

“Above and above the call of duty, great lady,” one person said.

Someone else added: “Just the kind of guy you’d want working in a toy store for kids.

“In fact, any shop on occasion.”

Another individual added: “It’s wonderful to hear this.

“I’m not convinced all shop employees comprehend their position in a store’s success.

“We need to pay them more and give them more credit.

“To be customer-focused, you have to be a certain type of person.”

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