Unexpected way Philippe Coutinho shows his Liverpool loyalty in Barcelona.


The attacking midfielder left Anfield for Nou Camp in January 2018, but the transfer did not go quite as planned.

It may have been three years since Philippe Coutinho left Liverpool for Barcelona, but he continues to show his loyalty to the Reds.

The attacking midfielder has found his form again under Ronald Koeman.

Now he is back with the Catalan giants and has found a new life under the recently appointed manager Ronald Koeman.

Coutinho did not miss the chance to regain his Liverpool form in Barcelona at first. Last season he moved to Bayern Munich on a loan basis, just six months after joining the Catalan team.

As he left Liverpool almost three years ago, it is unclear why Coutinho has not yet received a new license plate – although it is perhaps understandable that he has not yet received a Spanish license plate after his one-year engagement with Bayern Munich, as his future is already written in the stars.

Nevertheless, the Brazilian international still seems to have a soft spot for Liverpool if his car is something to look out for.

The Brazilian continues to use his old license plate ending with LFC – a detail that some eagle-eyed fans discovered on a video by Tik Tok about the 28-year-old in his Mercedes.

Coutinho has been linked to a shocking return to England this summer, as both Chelsea and Arsenal are said to be keen on him.

But instead he was reinstated in Barca’s first team by Koeman, who took over as manager in the summer.

The Barca boss believes that Coutinho’s form was fostered by newly gained self-confidence and regular football.

Koeman’s decision was rewarded by the return of Coutinho, who has scored two goals in six games so far this season.

He told Sport: “That’s a good question, and the answer is very simple: he is a very good player. That is the answer.

“My job as a coach is to bring out the best in every player.

“He is a player who learned a lot in England, a lot in Bayern Munich.

“All this helps, but it starts with the quality of the player, and Coutinho is a great player.”

“And that starts with getting them into their position. I think that creates more self-confidence….


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