Underworld banker ‘MessyZebra’ allegedly ‘flicked’ £1 million in dirty money to drug lords.


Underworld banker ‘MessyZebra’ allegedly ‘flicked’ £1 million in dirty money to drug lords.

For cocaine and cannabis lords, an underworld banker ‘flicked’ £1 million in dirty currency.

Kevin Allan acted as a gangland accountant, overseeing the ill-gotten gains’ counting (or’flicking’).

The 40-year-old would utilize EncroChat, an encrypted phone network, to keep drug lords up to date on their earnings, often dealing with hundreds of thousands of pounds at a time.

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EncroChat participants and their unlawful operations were discovered when the private messaging service was busted by cops.

As a result, Allan, also known as ‘MessyZebra’ on EncroChat, was arrested and prosecuted, and he appeared in Liverpool Crown Court this week.

Allan’s responsibilities, according to prosecutor Charles Lander, were cash counting, picking up and dropping off money totaling £1 million.

“In fact, he is the ‘money man,’” Mr Lander added.

“From the messages, it appears that the defendant collects cash from the proceeds of the sale of Class A and Class B narcotics, as well as counting and preparing the cash to be used to pay for the drugs.

“It is clear from the chats that hundreds of thousands of pounds are regularly traded, and that the defendant is acting under the orders of another person who uses the encrypted alias ‘ThinSoldier.’”

“Hello lad, received change here from Clint needs flickin,” Allan stated in a message to ThinSoldier on April 18, 2020.

Allan writes to ThinSoldier a few days later that he is “just finishing it” and that “it now looks like 100k not 105k…with this 100k here we have total 306,600.”

ThinSoldier then instructed Allan, “OK lad, take that 600 out for you,” implying his remuneration for counting the cash was £600, according to Mr Lander.

Allan claimed he was paid roughly £175 per week for his cash-counting services, according to Allan’s lawyer, Callum Ross.

ThinSoldier asks Allan “hey lad, can you pass someone 86k” in another conversation, to which Allan replies “no worries when he want to grab” before later verifying the deal.

Allan tells ThinSoldier at one point that he “earned 474,200 total” after receiving “change here from Clint.”

According to Mr Lander, Allan was paid £910 for those trades.

“What it is none of the change,” ThinSoldier replied.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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