Under subpoena, a security firm and two Trump staffers must turn over documents to the House Committee on the 6th of January.


Under subpoena, a security firm and two Trump staffers must turn over documents to the House Committee on the 6th of January.

In response to subpoenas scheduled to expire Wednesday, the House committee probing the January 6 disturbance at the United States Capitol got records from a security firm and two longtime Trump campaign and White House workers.

“All the records and communications required by the subpoena were handed in,” said Lyndon Brentnall, whose firm supplied event security at President Donald Trump’s Stop the Steal rally on January 6.

“As far as we’re concerned, we ran security at a legally approved event in coordination with the US Secret Service and the Park Police,” he said, adding that his company had “every intention” of following the committee’s instructions.

Megan Powers and Hannah Salem, the “operations manager for scheduling and direction” and “operations manager for logistics and communications,” respectively, on the January 6 rally permit, also turned over papers or stated that they intend to do so.

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On Wednesday, the committee said that it had issued a subpoena for papers and testimony from Jeffrey Clark, a former assistant attorney general who sympathized with the president’s unsubstantiated assertions that the election results were rigged. During the chaotic last weeks of the Trump presidency, Clark battled with superiors, particularly during a dramatic White House meeting.

The subpoena comes a week after a Senate Judiciary Committee investigation revealed significant tensions inside the Justice Department’s senior ranks in December and January, as Trump and friends pressed the law enforcement agency to help in efforts to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory.

The Justice Department found no evidence of widespread fraud that might have overturned the results, according to Trump’s own attorney general, William Barr. Unfounded allegations of fraud have been consistently dismissed by judges around the country, including Trump appointments, as well as election authorities.

Meanwhile, at least three of the authorities responsible for organizing and running the event that preceded the violent storming of the Capitol are responding to subpoenas by handing over records.

As part of the committee’s probe into the tragic insurgency that marked the most significant breach of the Capitol complex, the 11 organizers and staffers were given a deadline of Wednesday to turn over documents and recordings. This is a condensed version of the information.


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