Under her bed, a woman discovers 18 snakes, including baby reptiles.


Under her bed, a woman discovers 18 snakes, including baby reptiles.

When a woman in Georgia discovered 18 snakes living under her bed in her home, she received the shock of her life.

Trish Wilcher was scared when she saw the mother snake and her 17 newly hatched baby snakes. She posted photos of the snake family on Facebook with the caption, “Look at all the baby snakes in my bedroom…. I am terrified out.”

Before retiring to bed, the Augusta homeowner noticed “what I thought was a bit of fuzz on the floor, went to reach for it, and it moved.” She discovered snakes when she took a closer look.

She told WSBTV that she first counted nine snakes.

But then she began to discover more and more.

Wilcher’s husband Max grabbed each snake with a grabber tool and placed it in a linen bag.

Later, the snakes were released into a neighboring creek.

The next day, a wildlife trapper came to the residence and discovered no further snakes. The reptiles discovered inside the house, according to the trapper, were nonvenomous garter snakes.

“I am struggling to get around the home much less sit down anywhere!!!” Wilcher stated in another Facebook post. I may require the services of a cardiologist as a result of this!!!”

Snakes are more active in the summer, and they’re on the lookout for safe sites to deposit their eggs.

“If you have a mouse problem, the snakes will come and attempt to help you,” Camilla Sherman, an environmental educator at the Phinizy Center for Water Sciences, told WSPA. “They slow down in the winter because their bodies are unable to produce heat like ours,” she explained.

“So they have lots of heat in the summer.” You’re more likely to see them because they’re more active.”

Wilcher’s tweet elicited a flood of responses from those who said they, too, were afraid.

One user remarked, “18 Snakes, I’m not placing my legs on floors for a while now.” “Oh my goodness!” exclaimed another. I’d be scared to death. I would have either stayed in that house for a long time or simply sold it.”

“This is the stuff nightmares are made of,” wrote a third.


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