Unconventional school in a converted barn where the children meditate twice a day.


Maharishi Free School in Lathom, near Skelmersdale, teaches “conscious” education, and each day is interrupted by two meditation sessions.

An unconventional school in a converted barn achieves some of the best exam results in the country.

It is no ordinary school, but its exam results are incredible.

said Ms. Edwards: “What we have here is a harmonious school environment.

The principal, Ms. Edwards, says this is because it is important that they feel that their voice is heard.

The children are also consulted on important decisions that are made within the school.

“We use consciousness-based learning to support the development of the students, not only in school but throughout their lives.

“Twice a day, everyone in the school will meditate for a few minutes. It is simple, relaxing and fun, and we find that the children are more open and receptive, but also more compassionate and empathetic in class afterwards.

The Maharishi School was open as a private school for more than 25 years before becoming a free school in September 2011.

Children from admission up to grade 11 attend the school, with entire year groups in the same class of no more than 18 students each.

In fact, Maharishi School is among the top 1.8% nationwide with its 2019 results.

Although different in many ways from other educational providers, students are still taught according to the national curriculum and take SAT and GCSE exams.

Ms. Edwards continued: “We integrate the awareness approach into the classroom, for example, we may discuss how we are stratified.

“Our emotions are layered. We have layers, as people.

“This is just one example, but the way we teach is that everything is connected, and this in turn makes the children feel more connected.

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is the style used in the Maharishi School.

“And then we repeat this in a science class where we look at the layers of a skin cell. Or in an English lesson with the layers of a poem….


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