Uncontrolled bulldog bit the supplier in the arm.


John Moran brought a package to the home of Geoffrey Thompson and Simone Williams in Queens Road, Bootle.

A married couple whose dog bit a supplier’s arm could be destroyed, a court said today.

The American bulldog Cesar of Geoffrey Thompson and Simone Williams could now be destroyed.

They were due to be tried this week, but due to a coronavirus outbreak in the courts of Queen Elizabeth II, the trial has been adjourned.

Thompson, 53, and Williams, 49, were arrested but denied ownership of a dog that caused injuries while dangerously out of control.

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard that he was attacked by their American bulldog Cesar on June 2 last year, who sank his teeth into the victim.

The couple, both of former good character, then pleaded guilty to the crime.

Instead, the couple appeared in court today for another hearing, when the defense lawyers requested a retrial of the cases.

Thompson with short gray hair, who wore a white striped shirt with tie and tie and black tracksuit bottoms, and Williams with blond hair with a ponytail, who wore a white shirt and black pants, were allowed to sit outside the dock for cortisone treatment.

said Mr. Lennon: “One question to consider is the future of the dog Cesar.

The Lennon, who defended Williams, and Stella Hayden, who defended Thompson, both requested reports on behalf of their clients before the sentencing.

The court heard that two experts had prepared reports in which they disagreed about the dog that could be rehabilitated with a cousin of the defendants.

Mr. Lennon said, “The position is this: an address has been identified that may be suitable to rehome the dog and it is clear that one or perhaps both experts will need to visit the address to see if it is suitable.

Sarah Griffin, District Attorney, said: “It is suspected that a destruction order may follow. In this case the prosecution takes a completely neutral position on whether the dog should be destroyed.

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Ms Griffin said that the DA’s expert would like to make an assessment, she added: “The proposal is that an expert would be present on the property to check that there is a safe area on the property.

Williams said, “What does the verdict mean?”

Judge Murray responded, “What does verdict mean? You are to be punished for the crime for which you pleaded guilty, that’s what punishment means, and there are all kinds of punishments, including imprisonment, suspended sentences, community service orders.

Judge Anil Murray agreed to postpone the sentencing until November 18 so that the parole service could interview the two defendants for pre-sentencing reports and had them both remanded on bail.


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