Typhoon “Molave”: More than half a million Vietnamese on the run


Experts warned that this will be “one of the worst storms in the last 20 years” before the typhoon “Molave”. More than half a million people in Vietnam were asked to leave their homes and seek shelter.

In the coastal regions of Vietnam, hundreds of thousands of people took refuge from the approaching typhoon “Molave” on Tuesday. “This will be one of the worst storms in the last 20 years,” said Hoang Phuc Lam of the Vietnamese weather service. The authorities ordered that more than 500,000 people should leave their homes and be placed in shelters.

It was expected that the typhoon would hit land at noon on Wednesday (local time) with gusts of up to 140 kilometers per hour. Schools were closed and numerous flights were cancelled in advance. According to the forecasts, the region around Danang in the center of the country, which is particularly popular with tourists, was to be particularly affected by the cyclone.

Vietnam has already been hit by four hurricanes in recent weeks. In the process 130 people lost their lives. Hurricane “Molave” has already killed three people in the Philippines.



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