Two-thirds of individuals want to travel overseas this year.


Two-thirds of individuals want to travel overseas this year.

Despite the government’s caution to holidaymakers, two-thirds of ECHO readers still want to travel overseas.

As overseas travel remains uncertain, two top government officials encouraged people not to travel overseas this summer and to instead “vacation at home.”

UK visitors can go to countries on the green list without being quarantined under the traffic light system, however there are just a few nations on the list, with previously green Portugal now on the amber list.

The government had wanted to add more countries to the green list before the summer vacation, but Minister Robert Jenrick stated that the UK must focus on “protecting all that we’ve achieved here domestically.”

Because of the uncertainties surrounding the future of other nations on the green list, 43% of respondents polled by Liverpool ECHO stated they would not be traveling on vacation this year.

More than three-quarters of individuals surveyed claimed they were deterred by concerns about the coronavirus.

Despite this, 52 percent of respondents said they have gone on vacation this year or plan to do so despite the uncertainty.

And, of the 881 persons who said they wouldn’t miss out on a summer vacation this year, 613 have traveled abroad or plan to do so in the near future. In other words, just over a third of people are planning a trip to the United Kingdom instead.

With 77 percent of the vote, European vacations remain the most popular, but 5% of respondents said they were considering a trip to America or Canada, despite US President Joe Biden’s refusal to approve a trans-Atlantic travel “corridor.”

Currently, practically all passengers from the United Kingdom are prohibited from traveling to the United States.

Surprisingly, 1711 people responded to the question, “Would you travel to a country on the red list?” Even still, nearly 10% of participants stated they would.

Anyone returning to the UK from a nation on the red list would be required to stay in the country for ten days. The summary comes to a close.


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