Two small numbers can save you from being hit with a hefty energy bill.


Two small numbers can save you from being hit with a hefty energy bill.

To avoid bill confusion, energy experts advise homeowners to “Know your Number” when it comes to gas and electric meters.

According to, residents across the UK might sometimes unintentionally receive astronomically high utility bills, even when they know they have not used that much energy.

When a utility company sends the erroneous bill to the wrong address, there is a disparity. According to industry insiders, the problem is more widespread than many people believe.

Learning the unique numbers on your meters, on the other hand, might help you remain ahead of the game when it comes to energy management.

There are two key digits to look for: an MPAN number that identifies your electricity meter and an MPRN number that identifies your gas meter.

“As part of smart money management, consumers want to keep on top of their payments and routinely search out for the best deals for savings and energy,” said Ben Gallizzi, an energy specialist at

But what if your gas or electric company sends you a monthly or quarterly billing for a large number that is clearly incorrect?

“There’s no need to panic, but we recommend that you contact your energy provider right now to investigate.

It’s possible that something is amiss with the meter, that a reading was obtained wrongly, or that you were accidentally sent the wrong bill.

“We encourage individuals to Know Their Numbers – understanding the MPAN and MPRN specific to your electric and gas meters will help you get a good start in figuring out what’s wrong.”

When switching energy suppliers or moving homes, Ben says, homeowners and landlords may be asked for these data.

Knowing these data can help people avoid being on a default or standard tariff for longer than they need to be if they are moving home, and it can also help customers switch energy suppliers more smoothly, which means more money saved.

What do the MPAN and MPRN numbers mean and where can I find them?

Meter Point Administration Number is a number that is assigned to electricity meters. It’s also known as a S number or a supply number, and it’s typically a. “The summary has come to an end.”


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