Two guys accused of committing a homophobic attack and terrorizing the victim have been released.


Two guys accused of committing a homophobic attack and terrorizing the victim have been released.

Two individuals accused of carrying out a homophobic attack in the city center have been released.

Police apprehended the suspects, who are 33 and 43 years old, on Sunday while investigating an attack in Liverpool’s city center.

Aodhn Benson, the victim, has stated that he was afraid he would die throughout the incident.

As she is escorted to cells, Mum promises that ‘her kids will be looked after.’

At around 12.25 a.m. on Saturday, emergency services were dispatched to Bold Street in response to allegations that a man had been attacked by three individuals near the Tesco store on the street.

Mr. Benson was brought to the hospital with facial injuries, which he later posted photos of on social media.

According to the Hope University graduate, the man objected to him being referred to as “love.”

The severity of his injuries, as well as the hatred he received, shocked and outraged a community reeling from a string of violent attacks.

Duncan Browne, from Kirkby, died earlier this month after being attacked on Hanover Street. The murder of the 23-year-old has already been charged against a man.

According to Mr. Benson, who spoke to the ECHO, “It was terrifying because I was thinking to myself, ‘Oh my goodness, what if I die?’ while all three of them were striking me.

“I know that seems dramatic, and I detest dramatizing things, but the boy who died on Hanover Street died as well. “What if I actually die?” I wondered.

A number of assaults have occurred in the city center in recent weeks, some of which appear to be motivated by homophobia and transphobia.

Mr. Benson continued: “I don’t want to be homosexual if this is what it means to be gay. If this is how my sexuality manifests itself, then I won’t be homosexual if you just leave me alone.

“Because I’m only 24 years old, what if it happens when I’m 34, 44, or 54?” How many times is it going to happen to me? Why are humans so awful, for example? It’s absolutely infuriating.”

Merseyside Police detained two males in connection with the incident on Sunday, including a 43-year-old from. The summary comes to a close.


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