Turkish parliament condemns France’s anti-Islam statements.


The Turkish parliament has reacted to France’s actions with a joint declaration. In it, MPs strongly condemn the anti-Muslim statements of French President Macron.

In a joint statement, members of the Turkish parliament have strongly condemned the anti-Muslim statements of French President Emmanuel Macron. The declaration was signed by the governing AK Party, the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), the National Movement Party (MHP) and the İyi Party (IP).

Macron described Islam as a religion “in crisis” and announced plans for stricter laws to monitor mosques and Muslim institutions. The background is the extremist murder of a teacher who had shown defamatory cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in class. France will not “renounce cartoons and drawings, even if others withdraw from them,” Macron said. He also had the controversial cartoons depicted on public buildings.

Several Muslim countries then began a boycott against France on Sunday. Traders in Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar took French goods from their stores. In Bangladesh, tens of thousands of people protested against Macron’s policies.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused the French President of Islamophobia. He doubted the president’s mental health and referred to Macron as a case of illness that needed to be examined. In protest, Paris called back his ambassador from Ankara.

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