Trump’s reelection is already set?


Joe Biden is finished? Donald trump is definitely getting reelected? After the “Super Tuesday” surprises, you can ignore those predictions.

Good afternoon from Washington.

The campaign for the White House is, roughly speaking, a two-year affair, that’s how long the cycles in US politics are, but sometimes the race tips over in three days.

And that’s how it happened in this stunning week. I was in California for Super Tuesday. The most populous state was the biggest prize to win on Super Tuesday. I wanted to study the triumph of Bernie Sanders up close, which all observers here were waiting for. The main question was how big it would be: Would he be able to outrun his rival and stay in the race? This was the situation when I got off the plane at noon on Sunday.

Three days later, on election night in Los Angeles, I was actually standing in front of a big winner, only the man’s name was not Sanders, but Joseph Rubinette Biden Jr.

I am too young to have experienced the boxing comeback of Muhammad Ali, but now I was witnessing the greatest resurrection in recent US political history.

From initial favorite to mocked death and then back to a shining winner: I had described Joe Biden’s months in an earlier text as a rollercoaster ride, but that was a gross understatement.


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