Trump makes serious accusations against China


At his daily press conference, US President Donald Trump attacks China, which he believes could have stopped the spread of the corona virus. He also questions the number of deaths.

US President Donald Trump has again made serious accusations against China in the Corona crisis. The novel corona virus could have been stopped in China before it spread around the world, Trump said on Saturday evening (local time) at his daily press conference at the White House. “That did not happen, and the whole world is suffering because of it.” The president therefore accused the government in Beijing of failures.

Trump said: “The question was asked: ‘Would you be angry with China?’ The answer could be a very loud yes. But that depends: Was it a mistake that went out of control or was it deliberate?” In the latter case “there should be consequences”. Trump did not explain what these consequences might be. In any case, the government in Beijing should have allowed US experts to investigate the events on site. “They did not want us there. I think they were ashamed. I think they knew it was a bad thing.”

Trump was convinced that it was China, not the USA, that had the most fatalities in the pandemic – this contradicts statistics that place most of the victims in the USA. “We are not in first place, China is in first place,” the president stressed. “They are way ahead of us in terms of deaths, we are not even close.” To the journalists he said: “They know that, I know that, they (the Chinese) know that.” But the media did not report this, Trump said.

According to a survey by Johns Hopkins University – which is based on data from other sources – more than 4300 people have died in China as a result of the pandemic. According to the survey, there are now over 38,000 deaths in the USA, more than in any other country in the world. The coordinator of the White House’s Corona working group, Deborah Birx, also said at the press conference with regard to the data from China that they were “unrealistic”. Trump said, “Does anyone really believe these numbers?”


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