Trump Breaks ‘Good News’ About the Suspect in the Waukesha Parade: ‘He Hated Trump.’


Trump Breaks ‘Good News’ About the Suspect in the Waukesha Parade: ‘He Hated Trump.’

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump seemed to take solace in the fact that the suspect in the Waukesha Christmas parade attack was not a Trump supporter.

Sean Hannity, the anchor of Fox News, asked Trump about the “rap sheet” of Waukesha parade suspect Darrell E. Brooks during Trump’s interview.

Trump began, “Well, he was out on bond, and he was a hard cookie, and it looked like they caught him in some other act.” “This person was insane, as well as a seasoned crook and a horrible guy.” “The good news is, he despised Trump, OK?” said the former president. According to early reports, he despised Trump.” Trump’s remark could be in response to a New York Post report alleging that Brooks wrote three rap tracks criticizing the previous president. The rapper included the epithet “f—- Donald Trump” in one of the anti-Trump tracks titled “X,” as well as the words “b—-h” and “closet racist” to characterize the former president.

“This is Donald Trump’s f—k flow, and whoever hates it.” Now let me talk about the b—-h we call the president, a closet racist who plays his part with such ease,” Brooks rapped in his song Mathboi Fly, which he uploaded on SoundCloud.

Brooks also addressed “AK-47 assault rifles” in a song titled “Gon Kill U” on one of his other tunes, according to The Sun. The music was originally published on YouTube, but the platform has since removed it.

Authorities have yet to unearth evidence that the Waukesha incident was motivated by politics.

Brooks plowed through a gathering of parade marchers and pedestrians on Sunday, prompting Trump’s interview with Hannity. 62 people were injured, and six individuals were killed, including an eight-year-old child. More than a dozen people are currently in hospitals as a result of the tragedy.

Brooks, 39, was charged with five charges of intentional homicide in the first degree. Each of the five charges carries the possibility of a life sentence. He could face additional charges as a result of the death of a sixth victim.

According to CBS58, the amateur rapper is currently being held on a $5 million cash bond, as asked by Waukesha District Attorney Susan Opper, who noted the seriousness of the accusations and Brooks’ criminal history.

Brooks has been convicted at least 12 times in the last two decades. The rapper had recently paid a $1,000 cash bond three weeks prior after running over his child’s mother. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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