Trump and Sidney Powell are among those pleading with the court to dismiss a defamation lawsuit filed by a Dominion employee.


Trump and Sidney Powell are among those pleading with the court to dismiss a defamation lawsuit filed by a Dominion employee.

Attorneys for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, former campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani, former campaign attorney Sidney Powell, and conservative media members have requested a judge to dismiss a defamation lawsuit brought by a former Dominion Voting Systems employee.

In his complaint, former Dominion Security Director Eric Coomer claimed that he was afraid for his safety after the Trump campaign and its allies disseminated an unverified rumor that Coomer warned members of the Antifa movement in a pre-election phone call that the vote could be rigged to elect Joe Biden.

The Trump campaign, Giuliani, Powell, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, the website Gateway Pundit, Colorado activist Joseph Oltmann, and One America News Network are all named in Coomer’s Denver District Court case.

In post-election press appearances, Powell and Giuliani both mentioned Coomer in relation to suspicions of fraud.

“It isn’t a question of whether Coomer was on the call in September 2020 in this case. It’s a question of whether Oltmann had a reasonable belief that Coomer was on the phone “Andrew DeFranco, an attorney, stated. “To this day, he believes it.” See the list below for more Associated Press reporting.

Despite claims and lawsuits, there is no proof that the 2020 election was rigged or that major fraud occurred.

The case revolved around Oltmann’s purported phone call from September 2020.

Oltmann recognized someone referred to as “Eric” on the alleged call as Coomer by Googling the name and Dominion, according to his counsel. According to DeFranco, Oltmann also discovered private anti-Trump social media messages by Coomer.

The lawsuit claims that Oltmann broadcasted his results on a podcast, and that he was questioned about it and that it was taken up by the other defendants. As the campaign launched ultimately unsuccessful lawsuits after the election alleging widespread voter fraud, both President Trump and his son Eric Trump tweeted allusions to the report.

Defranco, Giuliani attorney Joe Sibley, and Trump campaign attorney Eric Holway argued that their clients didn’t act with malice, that the article was public information, and that Coomer was a public figure – all of which should rule out Coomer’s defamation suit.

Defense attorneys were repeatedly asked by Judge Marie Avery Moses if their clients investigated or attempted to fact-check Oltmann’s claim. Counsel responded that their clients had a right to speak under the First Amendment. This is a condensed version of the information.


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