Toxteth TV welcomes an international activist, performer, and songwriter.


Toxteth TV welcomes an international activist, performer, and songwriter.

Writing on the Wall is hosting a series of special events dedicated to black lives and histories across the African diaspora as part of Liverpool’s Black History Month.

Nazeem, a Gambian activist, singer-songwriter, and artist, will do a live acoustic concert at Toxteth TV on Windsor Street on Thursday, October 14 as part of his UK tour.

WOW’s ‘What’s Your Story’ project, which explores the tales of 14 to 20 year old children in rural Gambia, has been working with the 32-year-old remotely.

In October 2021, Liverpool will host a number of events to commemorate Black History Month.

A special screening of the project will be held, and Nazeem will speak about the stories of the young participants as well as his own journey. On the night, delicious native Gambian cuisine will be provided.

“I am definitely looking forward to Thursday,” Nazeem told The Washington Newsday. “It will provide a chance for others to hear stories from the Gambia, an often forgotten country in Africa.”

“I’ll also be sharing personal experiences about my own life path, including the challenges I’ve faced, as well as reflecting on my forebears’ travels outside of Africa.”

Nazeem is a renowned singer-songwriter, musician, peace ambassador, and the founder of Dole Ndawi, a non-governmental organization based in Gambia (NGO).

He uses music’s transformative power to help communities and young people create resilience and positive change.

His music is influenced by a two-year stint in Senegal, where he supported performers including jazzman Vieux Mac Faye, Wolof pop singer Viviane Chidid, and guitarist Jeanott Mendy.

WOW has been promoting change for almost 20 years while identifying and combating social and economic inequality. Its goal is to use writing and art to promote personal and social transformation.

To encourage underrepresented writers, the What’s Your Story project works with a variety of marginalized communities. This project has brought attention to marginalized populations and people who desire to improve their writing skills in order to obtain work.

“What moved me the most was getting the opportunity to listen to the individual heart-breaking experiences of Gambian Youth,” Nazeem remarked of his favorite part of the project.

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