To stay on track for ‘living with Covid,’ I’m working from home.


To stay on track for ‘living with Covid,’ I’m working from home.

According to sources, some sort of working from home will likely persist in the long run as part of a strategy for how the country will live alongside Covid-19.

Even once the country proceeds to stage four of the roadmap and broad unlocking, according to the Politico London Playbook email this morning, a government paper recommends a number of measures.

The document lays forth a number of recommendations for how the country should someday “live with COVID,” which officials are currently considering.

After the next assessment, ten countries could be added to the green list.

Reports from the Playbook The government should not actively tell individuals to return to work when the country enters Step 4 of the roadmap, according to the document’s advice.

Instead, it is suggested that the government take a “hybrid approach” and look at ways to let people continue to work from home if they do not need to be in an office.

To combat the spread of Covid-19, offices may be obliged to install ventilation systems and other measures.

Even after social distance limits are eased under stage 4 – which is presently scheduled for July 19 – life will still be very different than it was before the virus arrived, according to the paper viewed by Playbook.

Scientific experts are particularly concerned that there will be another increase in infections in the winter, putting the NHS under strain, as people gather indoors where the virus is more easily transmissible in the colder temperatures.

This could imply that tougher regulations are reinstated for the winter.

People will most likely have to isolate if they have covid symptoms until they are cleared by a negative test, which will most likely be a long time.

Scientists have advised the government that people should segregate as soon as they experience symptoms such as a cough, fever, or a loss of taste or smell.

Ministers have also been advised that some type of border control is likely. The summary comes to a close.


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