To halt the pandemic, the PM will tell the G7 to vaccinate the entire world by the end of 2022.


To halt the pandemic, the PM will tell the G7 to vaccinate the entire world by the end of 2022.

At the G7 summit in Cornwall, the Prime Minister will urge global leaders to commit to vaccinating the entire world’s population against coronavirus by the end of 2022.

Boris Johnson plans to use the UK’s G7 leadership to encourage his rivals to “rise to the greatest challenge of the post-war age” and put an end to the pandemic by ensuring that everyone on the planet has access to a vaccine within the next 18 months.

“The leaders of the world’s finest democracies will meet next week at a watershed moment for our countries and the planet,” Mr Johnson said.

“The world is counting on us to meet the biggest postwar challenge: defeating Covid and leading a global recovery based on our shared values.

“Vaccinating the entire world by the end of next year would be the greatest medical achievement ever.

“I’m appealing to my other G7 leaders to join us in putting an end to this dreadful pandemic and pledging that we will never allow the destruction caused by coronavirus to occur again.”

The appeal comes after the UK government was questioned about its own dose donations to Covax, a UN-backed program that aims to provide vaccinations to low- and middle-income countries.

Last week, MPs and peers wrote to Mr Johnson, urging him to follow the lead of countries such as Germany, France, and Italy, which have pledged to donate at least 100 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines by the end of the year, while the UK has only pledged to donate surplus shots to Covax in the future.

On Friday, the Health Secretary told reporters that the UK would “absolutely” look to give surplus dosages, as promised by the government in February, but that none were now available.

Matt Hancock told reporters, “At the moment, we don’t have any surplus dosages; we’re just getting them into arms as rapidly as possible.”

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