To commemorate their 71st wedding anniversary, a couple in their 90s renews their wedding blessings.


To commemorate their 71st wedding anniversary, a couple in their 90s renews their wedding blessings.

After months of separation due to the pandemic last year, lifelong sweethearts in their 90s celebrated their 71st anniversary by renewing their wedding blessings.

Monica Cobbett, 92, and her husband Fred, who will turn 97 in July, exchanged “I wills” for the second time on Thursday at his Kings Lodge care facility in West Byfleet, Woking.

“It was a fantastic day that took us back,” the pair, who believe they are as in love as the day they first married, said.

Reverend John McCabe of St Mary’s Church, Byfleet, officiated the ceremony in the care home’s garden, which was attended by 12 of their family and friends, as well as other care home residents.

Mr. Cobbett, who had been upset throughout the day, later presented his wife with a bouquet of homegrown flowers and a necklace containing preserved roses.

“Probably me being in command, you know where you’re going,” Mrs Cobbett remarked of the secret to a long marriage.

Mrs. Cobbett is a thrill seeker, and her daughter gave her a freefall jump for her 90th birthday, which she described as “wonderful” and “good to have a young man on my back, that won’t happen again.”

Mrs. Cobbett was unable to visit her husband for five months due to Covid-19 regulations on care homes, which upset him greatly because it was the first time they had been separated during their marriage; however, they are now allowed to see each other once a week.

“It was amazing when I could see him again, and I could give him a big hug,” Mrs Cobbett added.

“It’s a different world now, and I believe you must accept it; I’m confident it won’t last forever. We’ll all be together again soon.”

On the same day, their only child, Sarah Tarling, celebrated her 43rd anniversary with her husband Keith.

“Mum is the driving force, but dad often does what he wants, so I believe it’s opposites – they attract and keep,” she continued when questioned about her parents’ relationship. (This is a brief piece.)


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