Times and dates you can see Starlink, Uranus and a rare blue moon this week in Britain.


But that shouldn’t be too difficult, because you will be able to go right outside, look up at the sky and marvel at the wonders in front of you.

When Liverpool City Region returns to Level 3, you may consider different ways to entertain yourself.

There is a lot you can see with the naked eye.

As long as there is a clear sky, you can see these satellites, planets and moons with the naked eye.

Next week, there is much to see – from Uranus to Elon Musk’s Starlink and even a rare blue moon.

The satellites are part of a program launched with the goal of improving global Internet coverage.

Good visibility:

You can receive them across the sky above Merseyside at the following times:

Once the network – a so-called megaconstellation – is established, it will be able to radiate Internet coverage to any place on Earth.

5:08 am, October 26, 2020

6:58 am, October 26, 2020

This date is the best night to see Uranus as it arrives, unlike the sun.

Look for a greenish disc in the sky.

You may be able to see it if you live in a place with low light pollution.


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