TikTok user causes outrage with Hillsborough harassment.


The incident sparked outrage after user Ian Moore under the account @ianmoore34returns attacked Lee Woods during an online feud.

A TikTok user with thousands of followers told a man whose relative died in the Hillsborough disaster that he wished you had died there instead of your cousin.

An online feud erupted when Ian Moore spoke to the relative of one of the 96 TikTok users.

Mr. Moore, angered by a series of back and forth videos between the two, told his 20,000 followers, “So no more airtime for you Justice [Mr. Woods] you p****, okay, no more videos today, I have better things to do with my life than listen to you, you old fool.

Mr. Woods posts under the username @justicehjc, which he says stands for Hillsborough Justice Campaign, and has described the loss of his cousin in the 1989 tragedy.

The two had exchanged insulting videos and accused each other of, among other things, trying to have their accounts blocked.

He said: “It [the video]clearly states that Lee Woods’ cousin should not have died because it should have been Lee.

“Go back to Hillsworth [sic]and have your little memorial service or whatever you do p**** because I don’t mind, all right, at the end of the day it should have been you, not your cousin.

After a backlash, Mr. Moore posted a follow-up article explaining his views.

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“Now I said JusticeHJC because that is his name, his username, I didn’t mention the other people, did I? I mentioned Lee himself, and I said his cousin shouldn’t have died, because it should have been Lee himself, because he’s an A***wiper.”

“I wish nobody had died that day. Nobody. Even if he had been there, I wouldn’t wish it on him because it was probably one of the saddest moments in British history for football families.

In one of several response videos, Mr Woods said: “I know he still talks about it in his life, he wishes I had died in my cousin’s place. Even though I hate and despise this man so much, I don’t even wish him that.

“So even if I wish someone was here, that’s sick.”

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Hundreds of comments were shared, condemning Mr Moore.

said Brendan Gault: “Remember this terrible day in football very well and today the memories live on.

“There will always be the sick people who live in the world.”

A user named Vic said, “I hope you’re okay. I lack the words for what he said. He doesn’t realize that he upset a lot of people”..


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