Thugs brandishing a knife at individuals, including a mother and her child


Thugs brandishing a knife at individuals, including a mother and her child

A series of knife threats is being investigated by police.

After stopping to confront thugs who flung stones at his car in St Helens, a man informed authorities he was threatened with a retractable knife.

On Tuesday, July 13, police confirmed that they were dispatched to Central Street in response to allegations of youngsters hurling stones at automobiles in the area.

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Officers pursued a 16-year-old on foot, who was apprehended on the spot and will be questioned at a later time.

Officers also discovered a knife on the scene.

After confronting the thugs throwing stones at her car as she was driving with her baby, a young mother said on social media that she was threatened with a knife.

On the same day, she claims, the teens targeted cars on College Street, which is just a few blocks away from Central Street.

“Just warning anyone traveling College Street, there’s a bunch of adolescent lads throwing stones at car windows, and when they get confronted since I had my baby in the car, they decided to pull a knife out on us, disgusting,” she said in a St Helens Facebook page.

There were no injuries reported to authorities, so it’s unclear if this was a different occurrence.

Jon Smith, a Community Policing Inspector, said: “Carrying a knife puts you in grave danger and can result in death, whether the intent is good or bad, and we will not accept such behavior in our communities. We will not hesitate to take action if we hear reports of anyone carrying knives.

“Knife crime is still a top priority for our officers. We work together with local authorities, the Youth Offending Service, and health and social care experts to share information and good practice as part of Operation Target, Merseyside Police’s response to the national issue of knife crime.

“We also encourage parents, guardians, teachers, and young people to go to the Our Merseyside website, where they can support the #BladeFree campaign and locate clubs and activities in their region that will help them to have a better future.

“If you’re interested. The summary comes to a close.


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