Thugs barge into McColls and threaten the terrified shopkeeper, telling him to “do as you’re told or else.”


Thugs barge into McColls and threaten the terrified shopkeeper, telling him to “do as you’re told or else.”

As he demanded money, a knife-wielding assailant threatened a ‘petrified’ shopkeeper.

Aaron Law, 27, barged into McColl’s with another man, holding a knife to Matthew Grave’s throat.

They frogmarched him to the till, which he was forced to empty and hand over, ordering him to “do as you’re told or else.”

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Law, on the other hand, was caught off guard when he left DNA on his victim’s clothing after grabbing him by the scruff of his neck.

Mr Grave was working at McColls on Admirals Road in Birchwood, Warrington, around 7.20pm on October 8, last year, according to Chris Hopkins, prosecuting before Liverpool Crown Court.

Two males, according to Mr Hopkins, entered the business with their faces hidden behind their hoods.

Mr Grave “had a horrible feeling” and then noticed one of the men, Law, with a knife, according to him.

Mr Grave was “frogmarched” to the cash register, according to Mr Hopkins, as Law held him by the scruff of his neck while aiming a knife at the back of his neck.

“Do as you’re told or else,” the men urged, as they told him to empty the till and hand over the £578.90.

The couple then fled, but Law was apprehended after DNA was found on Mr Grave’s clothing.

Law confirmed his involvement in a police interrogation.

Mr Hopkins stated that he had a history of dishonesty and three convictions for blade possession.

The defense attorney, Jonathan Rogers, stated that his client admitted to the crime in an interview and that, while he had prior convictions, the most recent was seven years earlier.

Mr Rogers said Law had been staying in a rented apartment after being released from jail after serving five years in a young offenders institute, but he had nowhere to go after the owner died.

He claimed that the guy with whom Law then moved in came up with the heist plan.

“He realises it was wrong, and he knows he’s going to prison,” Mr Rogers added.

“He wants to knuckle down and earn his credentials.”

One count of robbery was admitted by Law, of Partridge Close, Warrington.

“It is pretty evident that this crime was not undertaken on the spur of the moment, it was preplanned and,” said Judge David Aubrey, QC.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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