Thousands of British Airways employees have been laid off as a result of travel delays.


Thousands of British Airways employees have been laid off as a result of travel delays.

British Airways has laid off hundreds of employees, claiming travel delays as the cause for the move.

On Thursday, the airline revealed that a considerable number of its employees, including management, have been reinstated in the program.

After the government established May 17 as the date for the resumption of overseas travel, workers were recalled off furlough ahead of the summer vacation time.

However, because no popular vacation spots are on the green list, visitors returning from France, Spain, or Italy must quarantine for ten days at home.

It is reported that a considerable number of BA employees were already on leave when the current furlough decision was made.

The corporation wants the government to permit foreign travel “as quickly as feasible” and add “low-risk” countries like the US to its green list.

More employees will be placed on the flexible furlough program and will work part-time, according to reports.

”Like many other organizations, we’re employing the furlough program to protect jobs amid this exceptional crisis,” a BA spokesman said.

“However, it is critical that the government adheres to its risk-based approach in order to allow foreign travel as quickly as feasible, adding more low-risk nations, such as the United States, to its green list as soon as possible.”

It comes as Airlines UK, a trade organisation representing UK airlines, argues that aviation workers’ vacation benefits should be extended until April of next year.

In a letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, the industry body claimed that during the coronavirus pandemic, airlines made pre-tax losses of billions of pounds and announced more than 30,000 job layoffs.

The furlough program, which pays up to 80% of earnings, was set to conclude on September 30, but the letter requested that it be extended until April 30, 2022.

British Airways applauded Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden’s statement on Thursday that a committee will be formed to offer suggestions on how to securely resume international flying.

Sean Doyle, the CEO of British Airways, described the announcement as “a step forward.” (This is a brief piece.)


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