This winter, Covid booster injections are advised for 30 million people in the United Kingdom.


This winter, Covid booster injections are advised for 30 million people in the United Kingdom.

Experts say that some 30 million people in the UK should have a booster shot this winter.

This includes everyone over the age of 50, as well as healthcare workers and those with underlying health issues that make them susceptible to Covid-19’s severe effects.

The booster dose – preferably the Pfizer injection – should be administered no sooner than six months after the original second dose, according to the JCVI, the UK’s vaccine advisory board. It can be given at the same time as a flu jab.

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Dr June Raine of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, speaking at a press conference today, said the Moderna vaccine may potentially be administered as a booster shot.

There are some evidence that infection prevention is fading, while scientists feel that protection against serious sickness is still present.

The current advise differs with prior recommendations for third vaccine doses for persons with extremely impaired immune systems, which are currently being implemented.

A booster shot should be given no more than six months after the last vaccination, according to experts, and patients should not rush to receive one if it is not required.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, the UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, said today’s briefing that the UK has had one of the world’s most effective vaccination rollouts, saving over 112,000 lives.

However, he stated that with a ‘bumpy winter’ on the horizon, more protection will be required, which is why booster vaccinations are being recommended.

This recommendation, he stated, will now be given to ministers, who will make the final decision.

This is the first of several significant announcements for the government’s winter covid strategy that we expect today, with Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Prime Minister Boris Johnson also holding press conferences.


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