This week, the Playhouse Theatre will present a new adaptation of Dial M for Murder.


This week, the Playhouse Theatre will present a new adaptation of Dial M for Murder.

As part of its UK tour, a lively production of one of Frederick Knott’s most well-known screenplays will stop in Liverpool this week.

From today (Tuesday, September 14) through Saturday, September 18, 2021, a brand new production of Dial M for Murder will be on stage at the Playhouse Theatre in Liverpool for five days.

Diana Vickers, a former X Factor contestant who is now known for her acting roles, will join the group, alongside Tom Chambers, Christopher Harper, and Michael Salami, as they reprise their roles in the genre-defining thriller.

The new production of Frederick Knott’s stage and script, which was made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 film, is directed by Anthony Banks and premiered at the Richmond Theatre in January 2020 before being postponed due to the pandemic.

Anthony Banks is no stranger to thrillers, with recent credits like Gaslight and Strangers on a Train, as well as the smash hit Girl on a Train, which is still touring the UK.

Tom Chambers (Top Hat, Strictly Come Dancing) stars as the suave and deceitful Tony Wendice, a jaded ex-tennis pro who has given it all up for his wife Margot, played by Diana Vickers, in this new theatrical adaption. When he finds out she’s been unfaithful, his thoughts shift to vengeance and the quest of the “perfect crime.”

Captain Lesgate and Inspector Hubbard are played by Christopher Harper (Coronation Street, Strangers on a Train), and Margot’s lover, Max Halliday, is played by Michael Salami (Hollyoaks).

The Playhouse Theatre will host daily performances from Tuesday, September 14 through Saturday, September 18, 2021. Tickets begin at £10.


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