This week, 12 nations could be added to the travel Green List.


This week, 12 nations could be added to the travel Green List.

According to an analyst, Italy, Germany, and Poland are among the places most likely to be added to the government’s green travel list.

Former British Airways head of strategy Robert Boyle anticipated that 12 countries would be placed in the low-risk tier this week.

According to his website,, this includes Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Switzerland, which he describes as “strong candidates.”

On Thursday, the government’s travel lists are anticipated to be updated.

Self-isolation is not necessary for visitors coming in the UK from countries on the green list.

Those arriving in England from an amber region must self-isolate for 10 days at home, though this need will be waived on Monday for those who have taken both doses of a coronavirus vaccine in the UK or are under the age of 18.

Canada is Mr Boyle’s “top forecast” for moving into the green category, owing to low rates of coronavirus cases and test positivity, and a vaccination rollout program that is “coming up fast” to the UK’s.

However, he pointed out that travelers from the United Kingdom are not permitted in the North American country.

“It’s difficult to imagine a finer candidate for the green list,” he wrote.

“Canadian authorities continue to deny British nationals access to the country.

“However, Australia and New Zealand do as well, and both are on the green list.

“It could be an issue of timing, as I’m sure politicians would prefer to announce a relaxation of travel restrictions at the same time.”

Approximately 724,000 British nationals visited Canada each year prior to the epidemic.

Mr Boyle responded that “the figures still appear a little high” when asked about the possibility of the US being included to the green list.

However, given the high percentage of positive immigration from the United States and the latter’s vaccination program, there is “some political wriggle room for including it as green if a deal is reached on reopening the US border,” he noted.

Mr Boyle stated that Hong Kong “needs to be green” since it has “basically zero cases and great testing data,” and that Taiwan could make a similar case.

He wrote that case rates are increasing as countries move into higher-risk categories. The summary comes to a close.


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