This is how you spend less than £30 in Liverpool, which has been rated one of the cheapest cities to visit.


This is how you spend less than £30 in Liverpool, which has been rated one of the cheapest cities to visit.

Liverpool has been named one of the top ten cities in the world for affordable nights out.

The research calculated that the average spend on a single evening is £30.42 based on student hotspots.

The research was undertaken by international payment experts Xendpay, who included a pint of beer (£4.48), a cocktail (£8), a fast-food meal combo (£5.94), and a cab ride of no more than five miles (£12) in the overall price.

Of course, this assumes that you only buy two drinks for yourself and that you spend the most of your money on the commute home.

Learning how to keep track of finances and avoiding blowing all of your student loans at once is vital advice that most students overlook.

So, based on his four years of student nights out, 2Chill writer Paul McAuley has suggested where you should spend your £30 budget and have more than one drink – however you may need to save more if you have a long journey home.

Because timing is almost important, it’s a very student thing to do for a night out not to be on the weekend when you’re on a budget.

Blowing off some steam in the middle of the week can also lead to some bargains.

First and foremost, you must purchase a ticket to Level for ‘Quids In.’

Not only is it cheaper to book ahead of time, but the lines are usually significantly shorter.

You can buy a £1 ticket plus a £1 booking charge if you act quickly enough.

Level has something for everyone with three floors of music.

Doubles are £3.50 each, so you can spread them out throughout the night, or you can pay £6 for three VKs or beers.

If you want to have some shots as well, explosives are three for £6, so you should only have spent between £12.50 and £18.50.

When Level closes, the night isn’t done, so you have two alternatives for an after-hours club: Heaven or Fusion.

Heaven on Victoria Street, on the other hand, hosts student nights on Thursdays, so if you went to Quids In Wednesday, you’d be better off going to Fusion.

It’s only a stone’s throw from Level, making it the ideal distance for those whose feet are starting to hurt. “The summary has come to an end.”


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