Thieves trashed a family company and took “everything.”


Thieves trashed a family company and took “everything.”

A family business was robbed by ruthless criminals who took “everything,” even the office refrigerator.

On Monday, June 7, criminals broke into Camper Kings, a camper van and motor home rental company, and took five vehicles and more than £3,000 in cash.

The family firm, which is based on Northway in Maghull, was robbed and the premises were completely cleaned out, with microwaves, coffee machines, tools, water dispensers, and even the fridge being taken.

Two Ford Transit mobile homes, a Ford Chausson mobile house, and a Peugeot Boxer Tempo mobile home were among the cars.

According to the ECHO, a Camper King employee who prefers to remain anonymous believes the burglary was a deliberate strike and that the culprits had been observing the shop.

When an employee was out of the house, he had his keys to the office and his automobiles stolen.

“They obtained the keys from the residence, then came to the workplace and broke it up and took literally everything,” they added.

“Everything is gone: generators, microwaves, laptops, coffee machines, tools, water dispensers, and refrigerators.

“They were clearly keeping an eye on us, and to be honest, I believe it’s closer to home than we think.

“It had to have been someone who knew I was going to be gone and wouldn’t be home so they could grab the keys.”

One campervan and four motorhomes were taken, but thanks to monitoring devices installed on the vans, the police and personnel were able to trace them down.

The automobiles were discovered abandoned at Norris Green, Kirkby, and Long Lane in Merseyside.

Employees at Camper King claim that the vans were vandalized in an attempt to locate and remove the tracking devices.

Even if the vehicles are returned, the company will still be out of cash because £3,000 was stolen in addition to the vehicles, and repairs to the office and vans would be pricey.

“They also robbed half a bottle of gin, so that just goes to show you the caliber of these people,” they added.

“It’s only that the offices were smashed up, as well as the shutters and windows. The summary comes to a close.


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