‘There Is No Anti-Asian Discrimination,’ a woman claims in a viral TikTok video.


‘There Is No Anti-Asian Discrimination,’ a woman claims in a viral TikTok video.

The “Stop Asian Hate” movement has gained traction in the wake of a wave of anti-Asian hate crimes across the United States, yet some critics remain skeptical. A woman was caught on camera in a popular TikTok video with 300,000 views declaring she doesn’t believe in anti-Asian discrimination. In charleschoiboy’s video, the woman is heard saying, “I just heard ‘Asian hate,’ and I’m over that whole narrative,” before claiming, “There is no Asian hate.” Before asking the TikToker if he felt oppressed, the video showed different portions of what the woman stated, including that she had not heard about any protests in reaction to Asian racism.

He replied, “Yeah, I feel repressed.” “In the United States, I am a minority.” The woman and two other women in her seat rolled their eyes in amazement before questioning how charleschoiboy felt oppressed.

He said that he had been racially profiled earlier that week, but the women were skeptical.

One of the three women said, “I’m Asian, I don’t feel hate.”

Before the video finished, charleschoiboy brought up the anti-Asian language that had been used throughout the COVID-19 outbreak to the three women. It “sucks ten times harder” to hear that attitude “from your own folks,” he continued. “That internalized racism, that assumption that just because you don’t experience something doesn’t mean other people don’t, that everything has to do with your own self-actualization of’real-world events,’ blows my f*****g mind,” he stated as the video ended.

Former President Donald Trump was lambasted for the words he used while discussing the novel coronavirus, according to the Washington Newsday in March 2020. His comments, according to lawmakers and organizations, fostered discrimination and violence against people of Chinese or Asian ancestry.

In answer to a pinned question about how the woman got involved in the conversation, charleschoiboy said he was having a talk with someone about the vaccine. “Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on Stop Asian Hate,” she added after citing the “Stop Asian Hate” initiative. Following the horrific shootings in Atlanta in March, which killed numerous Asian women, individuals flocked to Twitter to speak out against anti-Asian discrimination, according to the Washington Newsday.

According to a recently released national assessment. This is a condensed version of the information.


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