There are eight noises your automobile may make that might cost you £1,700.


There are eight noises your automobile may make that might cost you £1,700.

Whether you’re planning a summer road trip or simply want to get out and about more, if your car starts to produce strange noises, it’s a cause for alarm…

Even more so in terms of your bank account.

Wessex Fleet has highlighted eight automobile noises to keep an eye out for on your trips, which may cost over £1,700 to fix if not noticed.

Wessex Fleet Director Simon Naylor recommends being familiar with your car’s typical operation and having strange sounds diagnosed right away.

“While auto maintenance can be costly, whether you are leasing or owning a car, it is critical that you watch out for any alarming noises your vehicle may begin to make,” he stated.

“Getting these issues resolved sooner rather than later could prevent future problems and higher repair costs.”

A high-pitched squeaking noise is caused by a water pump failure. The water pump pumps engine coolant throughout the cooling system, preventing overheating in your car. On average, a water pump will cost you back more than £280. Delaying a repair, on the other hand, can lead to more significant engine problems.

Fluid spilling from your automobile onto the road while parked is another indicator of a broken water pump. Make sure to use only manufacturer-approved sealants and coolants to extend the life and effectiveness of your car’s pump.

A squeaking noise when you brake is one of the easiest and most typical sounds of a car in need of repair. Most manufacturers provide indicators that notify drivers when their brake pads are worn down, thus the noise originates from your brake pads.

On average, new brake pads and discs will cost roughly £250. Brake pads on most cars last roughly 50,000 miles, but improper driving habits might shorten their life.

Your anti-roll bar may be malfunctioning if your wheels clunk, especially when going over speed bumps and on bumpy roads. Anti-roll bars connect your suspension to your wheels and help to limit body movement when turning.

The cost of anti-roll bars and installation is approximately £210. You can save roughly £20 if you only replace the links, but it’s normally easier to do a complete replacement.

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