The year of cocaine addicts on the run after being caught in a 180,000 pound drug factory.


Paul Roach, 53, was found in an apartment with nearly one kilo of cocaine, more than one kilo of a cutting agent and a recently harvested cannabis farm.

A cocaine addict arrested in a £180,000 drug factory left the court and was on the run for over a year.

The fugitive claims that a doctor told him to give up his addiction before he was sent to prison.

Liverpool Crown Court heard officers conducting a raid on a two-room apartment in Maritime Court, West Derby, at about 9am on 21 June 2019.

When he finally turned himself in to the police, Roach claimed that a doctor had advised him not to go to jail until he had broken his habit.

However, he did not appear in court and spent 14 months at large. During this time, the wanted man appeared on the BBC’s Crimewatch Roadshow.

The court heard that officers seized a total of 6.17 kg of cannabis, which a police expert said was estimated to be worth up to 90,000 pounds.

Michael Stephenson, the prosecutor, said one bedroom was used as a cannabis farm, with 27 harvested, cut stems that had been harvested.

The second bedroom was used as a drying room, with lighting units and heaters, and police found that the electricity meter was bypassed.

He said there were numerous sets of scales, white residue on the countertops and a large number of plastic food bags.

Mr. Stephenson said an officer searched the kitchen and “it was clear to him that this area had been used for bagging drugs.

The officer asked Roach if there was cocaine in the kitchen, and he pointed to a corner cupboard, which was then emptied.

Mr. Stephenson said, “They found a large block of vacuum-packed white powder.”

The court heard that it was 912.49 grams of cocaine, “a short kilo of cocaine,” but the police had failed to include the purity of the drug in a forensic report.

said Mr. Stephenson: “We do not have purity for the large amount of cocaine, but since it is a pressed and sealed bag, the Crown would conclude that this will be at a relatively high level of purity.

One expert said it was estimated to be worth 91,249 pounds on the street, and officials also found 1.25 kg of benzocaine, a common cutting agent.

He gave the police an interview without comment and was summoned by judges on bail for the trial on July 22, 2019, but did not attend.

Roach, from Dovecot, but whose address was given as Maritime Court, West Derby, surrendered to police on September 28 this year.

The officers found another 20 grams of cocaine and also 5.52 grams of amphetamines, which Roach had hidden under a cushion on a sofa.


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